November 2007

Files from activities and events from before and including November 2007. For more detailed descriptions, see the daily groupings here

Crime scene videos and photos

Video and photo documentation of the different crime scenes (cottage and Sollecito's apartment) and evidence items.

Crime scene surveys

Various crime scene surveys that took place during this month.


CCTV footage and photo captures taken from the parking garage across the street from the cottage.


These reports document the police gathering evidence and the analyses performed by defense consultant to cast doubt on the evidence.

Scientific police notices

These notices document Scientific Police activity during this month.

Postal police notices

These notices document Postal Police activity during this month.

Prison notices

These notices document prison administration activity during this month.

Police notices and transmittals

These notices and transmittals document police activity during this month.

Police intercepts

These intercepts document police activity on phone and prison intercepts during this month.

Prosecutor notices

These notices document prosecutor activities during this month.

Motivation reports and court sentences

The motivation reports prior to the murder (11/01/07) are cited by judges who ruled during these proceedings. The Matteini reports order the cautionary arrests and the Riesame court motivation reports provide good summaries of the case evidence.

Judges notices

These notices document judge and court activities during this month.

Court testimony

These hearings, include the cautionary arrest hearings in front of the preliminary hearing judge Matteini, as well as an evidfentiary hearing regarding the medical consultants and the necessity to exhume the cadaver for additional investigations.


These are witness statements and interrogations taken by the police and the prosecutor. Note the extensive quantity of depositions.


Various phone, cellphone intercepts and audio and video intercepts at meeting rooms (at police headquarters and at the prison) obtained by police during their investigations. Such intercepts are standard practice by police in Italy.


Various cellphone, phone tower, bank account and other logs obtained by the police during this month.

Consultant notices

A notice from the medical consultants hired by the preliminary hearing jusge Matteini.


Appeals made by the various defense teams to appeal the cautionary arrests. The prosecutor's notes are an early version of his case summary to the Riesame court issued on 11/24/07. See above under prosecutor notices.


A lawsuit filed by Sollecito's defense team against a witnesss whose statements were viewed as defamatory.

Lawyer notices

These notices document lawyer activity during this month.


Various correspondence that occurred during this month.


Some charts, webpages and informational sheets obtained during this month and reviewed by the police during their investigations.


Some case-related articles published during this month.

Forensic articles

Articles on forensics published before the murder case. These are to give an idea of the general understanding of forensic work during the time just prior to when the murder occurred.


Writings made or released by the defendants during this month.

DNA equipment manuals

Manuals of DNA equipment used at the Scientific DNA lab in Rome, at the time DNA analysis was performed.


Various miscellaneous files issued or made during this month.

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