December 2007

Files from activities and events during December 2007.

Crime scene videos and photos

Video and photo documentation of the crime scene during the 2nd Scientific Police visit to te cottage on Tuesday, December 18th.

Crime scene surveys

Crime scene surveys from December 18th.


Police evidence reports. Note that the Scientific Police fingerprinted Guede's apartment as a matter of routine procedure.

Scientific police notices

These notices document Scientific Police activity during this month. DNA analysis proceeded at the lab while other activities took place.

Postal police notices

These notices document Postal Police activity during this month.

Prison notices

These notices document prison administration activity during this month.

Police notices and transmittals

These notices and transmittals document police activity during this month.

Police intercepts

These intercepts document police activity on phone and prison intercepts during this month.

Prosecutor notices

These notices document prosecutor activities during this month. As can be seen below, the prosecutor undertook a number of additional depositions and interrogations.

Motivation reports and court sentences

These are the Riesame court's motivation report and sentence with regarding the Guede's appeal of his cautionary arrest.

Judges notices

These notices document judge and court activities during this month.

Court testimony

This is Guede's cautionary arrest hearing in front of judge Matteini, the preliminary hearing judge. A week later, on 12/14/07, Guede appealed his cautionary arrest in front of the Riesame court hearing, which confirmed his cautionary arrest. There is no recorded testimony of the Riesame hearing.


These are witness statements and interrogations taken by the police and the prosecutor. Note the prosecutor's many depositions related to Knox's roommates and theire friends to establish the sequence of events leading up to the disocvery of the murder. The most notable deposition is the December 17th interrogation with Knox and her lawyers.

Consultant notices

A notice from the coroner asking to delay releasing the autopsy and toxicology reports pending the return of biological sample analysis.


An appeal of Guede's cautionary arrest by Guede's defense team for the Riesame court to consider.


A lawsuit filed by Sollecito's defense team against an article in a newspaper viewed as defamatory.

Lawyer notices

These notices document lawyer activity during this month.


A letter from Romanelli, Knox's roommate, asking to have access to the cottage to retrieve personal items.


Some case-related articles published during this month.


Writings made or released by the defendants during this month.


Various miscellaneous files issued or made during this month.

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