Maori, Bongiorno and Sollecito's defense team

These are all the documents related to Luca Maori, Giulia Bongiorno and the consultants they hired to make the case for Raffaele Sollecito. Note that Maori is based in Perugia and he joined with Bongiorno, who is based in Rome. Originally, the lead lawyer was Tiziano Tedeschi, but he was eventually substituted by Giulia Bongiorno, presumably because of divergent opinions with the Sollecito family about how to handle the defense. From the quantity of documents and number of consultants hired, one can see that the Sollecito family 'spared no expense' in trying to create doubt about the crime scene evidence relevant to Raffaele Sollecito.

 Significant testimony and documents (appeals, closing arguments, rebuttals, trial motions)

Listed chronologically. In fact all the testimony transcripts feature discussions and cross-examinations made by either Maori or Bongiorno. All the court testimony can be found here.

Consultant testimony, reports and presentations

Listed chronologically. Note the large number of consultants hired by the Sollecito defense team to sow doubt about various aspects of the evidence involving Raffaele Sollecito. One can note a substantial difference between this list of consultants and those hired by Knox's defense team. Dr. Vinci is the one consultant that is consistently used throughout the seven years of court proceedings; he produced a large number of reports- many of them repetitive. The main problem with Dr. Vinci's presentations is that the Rinaldi-Boemia rebuttal of September 18, 2009, shows that there were a number of "slights of hand" or outright errors in Dr. Vinci's presentations- putting into question most of his visual work in the presentations he created.


Various notices by the lawyers or by others to the lawyers. The notices are listed chronologically. Maori issued a large number of evidence requests, many of them denied by the prosecutor because investigations were still ongoing. 

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