DNA evidence

These are all the files related to the DNA evidence gathered at the different crime scenes (the cottage, Guede's apartment, Sollecito's apartment, Sollecito's car). They include the surveys by the police, the DNA reports released, additional DNA analyses and reports by other consultants and general DNA information in articles. The manuals for the DNA analysis equipment and DNA kits used by the Scientific Police can be found here.

The DNA analysis was extensively argued by the Knox and Sollecito defense teams in the murder trial and appeals courts. The defense teams focused primarily on the validity of the DNA traces on the knife (Kercher's on the blade, Knox's on the handle) and on the bra clasp (a mixture of Kercher's and Sollecito's DNA). The defense lawyers and consultants raised numerous objections in a wide-ranging (and rather obvious) effort to create doubt about the validity of these two evidence points. Largely ignored were the hundreds of other DNA analyses performed by the Scientific Police- results that remained uncontested. So even though defense teams raised the specter of lab contamination for the bra clasp, no evidence of contamination was contested in the hundreds of other tests done.

Some of the other notable DNA evidence includes mixed Kercher-Knox DNA found in blood traces in three locations in the small bathroom, in a luminol revealed blood stain on the floor in the corridor flanking Kercher's and Knox's bedroom, and even more significantly, in a luminol revealed blood stain on the floor in Romanelli's room. Also significant is the Knox only DNA found in a blood stain in the small bathroom, suggesting that Knox was bleeding.

In 2011, the first appeals court hired Drs. Conti and Vecchiotti to review the DNA analysis done by the Scientific Police. They were also asked to perform additional tests on the knife. Notably, the consultants made specious claims in their court testimony (claims that were reversed or rendered moot on cross-examination), and perhaps more notably, their own tests and testing procedures generated signifiicant criticism from the police, prosecutor and civil party consultants. 

In 2013, the second appeals court hired the specialist Carabinieri DNA lab to perform an additional test on the knife that Conti & Vecchiotti failed to do. Their result (Knox's DNA with traces of other DNA) remained uncontested.

Files by the Rome Scientific Police

Crime scene surveys detailing items selected for sampling.

Reports and presentations. Notes that the June 12, 2008, DNA report ("DNA-result-all") has an accompanying photographic attachment PDF. The two are intended to be consulted together. Dr. Stefanoni's May 22, 2009, presentation ("DNA-testing-explanation-results") reviews DNA testing generally and highlights the more significant DNA traces found.

Notices and transmittals

Files by Others

Defense team reports and presentations

Civil party consultant reports and notices

Court consultant notices, reports and presentations


These are files containing the "egrams"- the DNA charts created by the equipment that analyzes the DNA traces. The DNA charts are then used by the analyst to find matches.

Court testimony

Testimonies from different court proceedings which discuss the DNA analysis done by the Scientific Police and other consultants.

Forensic articles

Forensic articles on DNA analysis and interpretation.

Other files

Zip files containing images pertinent to the DNA testing done.

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