Prosecutor files

These are all the files created by the prosecutors involved in the case. It combines the depositions, reports made by consultants hired by the prosecutor, appeals, notes for court arguments and rebuttals, and notices. There were many prosecutors involved, but main proescutor was Giuliano Mignini, who was active for the entire police investigations phase and during the Micheli and Massei courts. Given the quantity of work involved, Mignini also had Manuela Comodi as an additional prosecutor. She handled much of the detailed forensic evidence during the Massei court. Pietro Catalani was the prosecutor during Guede's appeal in the Borsini court. Giancarlo Costagliola and Comodi handled Knox and Sollecito's appeal in the Hellmann court. Alessandro Crini handled the second appeal in the Nencini court. All the court testimony can be found on this page.

Depositions and interrogations

Listed chronologically. The November 6, 2007, deposition of 0545 was requested by Knox. Because Knox had become a material witness to the crime (with her earlier deposition to police at 0145) , the prosecutor did not ask questions. As noted in the deposition itself, these were statements spontaneously made by Knox at her request.


These were reports made by consultants hired by Mignini.


This appeal was made by Giancarlo Costagliola with Giuliano Mignini's assistance. It was an appeal to the Italian Supreme Court noting what they considered errors in the Hellmann-Zanetti court reasonings.

Notes for arguments and rebuttals

Listed chronologically. The case summaries and closing arguments are worth reading since they provide evidence summaries by the prosecutor.


Listed chronologically

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