Blood-luminol evidence

These are all the files related to the blood traces found at the crime scene, both apparent and traces revealed by luminol. The luminol traces specifically related to footprints can be found here.

The crime scene was characterized by: 
1) copious amount of blood stains in Meredith's room, 
2) some blood traces in the small bathroom, 
3) partial bloodstained shoeprints in Meredith's room, the corridor and kitchen
4) luminol revealed footprints and shoeprints in the corridor and Knox's room
5) luminol revealed bloodstains in Romanelli's room
6) numerous small bloodstains on steps outside and in the lower apartment. (Ultimately these were found to be cat blood, from a kitten that had cut itself.)

The bloodstains in Meredith's room showed some evident movement of objects after Meredith had been fatally stabbed. The stains also show that Meredith herself had moved or been moved after she was fatally stabbed. The Scientific Police carried out a blood spatter analysis of numerous blood splatters on the doors of Meredith's wardrobe, and were able to determine that Meredith had been fatally stabbed in the neck approximately 40 cm from the floor (roughly 16") and close to the wardrobe. The UACV crime scene report also considers the bloodstains on the clothing and on Meredith's body. 

Most of the files provided here are simply to gather crime scene images where bloodstains were found. Naturally much of the content is GRAPHIC.

Blood trace evidence found and analyzed by the Scientific Police

Crime scene surveys related to review of the blood stains, both apparent and the blood stains subsequently revealed by luminol. 

Reports and presentations. The Camana blood stain pattern report is quite interesting.

Court testimony

Camana's blood stain analysis was only nominally contested by the defense. Judge Massei's questioning of Camana is especially interesting.

Forensic articles

Various forensic articles on the nature of blood tests and luminol testing. The Scientific Police, in their DNA analysis, checked for blood as part of the tests of specific items analyzed for DNA traces. See the final June 12, 2008, DNA report on this page.

Other files

Zip files containing images pertinent to the blood stains found. Meredith's room is especially GRAPHIC as it had copious blood stains on the floor.

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