Footprint evidence

These are all the files related to the footprints found at the crime scene, both apparent and traces revealed by luminol. 

The footprints at the crime scene were:
1) a bloody partial footprint on the bathmat in the small bathroom. 
2) footprints on Knox's radiator
3) luminol revealed bloodstain footprints on the floor in the corridor flanking Meredith's and Knox, room, as well as in Knox's room.

Sollecito's defense consultant Dr. Vinci made various reports and presentations to try and show the bathmat footprint was not Sollecito's but Guede's. (One might even say he tried too hard.) Scientific Police consultants Rinaldi and Boemia provided a scathing presentation during the Massei court proceedings that showed Vinci's inconsistent, inaccurate and ultimately unethical manipulation of images to try and show an alternate interpretation.

Documents by the Scientific Police

Crime scene surveys related to the footprints, both apparent and those subsequently revealed by luminol during the December 18, 2007, crime scene survey. No video exists showing the luminol testing.

Reports and presentations. The fingerprint report is interesting because it notes footprints on the radiator in Knox's room. Later, bloodstained footprints revealed by luminol would also be found in Knox's room and the corridor in front of her room and Meredith's room. The Rinaldi and Boemia reports take an extensive look at the luminol footprints and the bathmat footprint.

Files by others

Defense consultant report and presentations. Just from the number of repeated reports and presentations, it can be seen that Dr. Vinci repeatedly tried to raise doubts about the identification of the bathmat footprint. The problem is that the Rinaldi and Boemia presentation from September 18, 2009, (see above) shows Dr. Vinci used various slights-of-hand in his slides, casting serious doubt over much of his own work.

Court testimony

The testimony here is of the Scientific Police team that analyzed both the shoeprints and footprints, as well as Dr. Vinci's testimony.

Other files

Zip files containing images pertinent to the footprints. There are images of the small bathroom with the 'bathmat footprint' and other images of the cottage rooms were luminol testing was done.

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