Object evidence

These are all the files related to specific classes of objects analyzed during the investigations and trial phases. 

The most significant crime scene objects include: 
1) knives and knife stains
2) the pillow found under Meredith
3) the bra and bra clasp
4) the rock in Romanelli's room that was used to break Romanelli's window
5) clothing and shoes sequestered
6) the two desktop lamps found in Meredith's room under the bed, an empty vaseline case and other items

Other notable points include:
a) The fitted bedsheet was removed from Meredith's bed and found under the cadaver. It remains an open question why the fitted bedsheet would have been removed at all from the bed (as well as the pillow and duvet).
b) Two towels and the pillow were also found under the cadaver, strongly suggesting that Meredith was moved and arranged on top of these items.
c) Meredith's purse was found on her bed, after the fitted bedsheet and duvet had been removed. Two receipts were found on the duvet. This suggests the crime scene was further manipulated to make it look like someone had stolen something from Meredith's purse.
d) The knife stains on the mattress cover strongly suggest that the fitted bedsheet, pillow and duvet were all removed prior to the fatal wounds, and therefore during the fight leading up to the fatal stabbing.

Most of the files provided here are images, but there are also some reports and presentations for some of the objects noted.

Knives and knife stains

Various documents, images, presentations and reports related to the knives sequestered. The kitchen knife found in Sollecito's apartment presents significant scouring marks on the blade. One of Sollecito's pocket knives, the CRKT knife, had a bloodstain with a mixture of Sollecito's and Knox's DNA.

Knife stain analyses. These stains were on the mattress cover on Meredith's bed. Dr Vinci's reports raise doubts about the compatibility of the stain with the kitchen knife, while the police report shows the stains are perfectly compatible.

Pillow found under Meredith

The pillow found underneath Meredith was the subject of different analyses. The police found Guede's fingerprints on the pillow. They also found what they surmised was a smaller female-sized sneaker shoeprint on it. Curiously, both prints were hidden by the cadaver, as if the pillow had been specifically positioned that way.
Dr. Vinci for Sollecito's defense team, made numerous reports about a supposed semen stain on the pillow. The Rome Scientific Police did not sample stain primarily because the stain might have been made earlier to the murder.

Bra clasp found under pillow, found under Meredith

Files related to the bra-clasp on which a mixture of Kercher and Sollecito DNA was found. The Sollecito defense team raised numerous objections regarding how the bra clasp was acquired. It was documented in the first police survey in early November, but was accidentally forgotten at the cottage. The bra clasp was found during the second police survey on December 18, 2007, under a floor carpet roughly a meter or so away from where it was originally spotted. Judge Micheli considered this a grave error but ruled out the possibility of contamination, given that no other DNA samples resulted in a Kercher-Sollecito DNA mixture. He surmised that, if anything, no DNA might have been found due to its delayed sequester.

Rock in Romanelli's room

Files related to the rock found in Romanelli's room that was presumably used by Guede or some other intruder to break-in. The rock is particularly notable for its size- nearly 22 cm x 18 cm in size and weighing almost 4 kg (8"x7" and weighing 8 lbs). Equally notable is that the rock was found in a bag on the floor in Romanelli's room.
The Pasquali report attempts to show how the rock could have been thrown from outside to break the window, but there is one major oversight. They do not account for the window shutters on Romanelli's window that were nearly closed and would have probably blocked the rock before it hit the window.

Clothing and shoes sequestered

Documents and images of clothing and shoes sequestered by the police for analysis. The shoes were sequestered mostly for shoeprint analysis. Files related to shoeprints can be found here.

Various other items

Documents and images showing other items sequestered by police for analysis (mostly for fingerprint analysis.) There is a significant amount of newspapers, cards and notebooks that were sequestered. Also notable are the desktop lamps collected from the cottage, and the vasline container collected from Meredith's room. This group includes some of the files listed above.

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