Crime scene evidence

These are all the files related to the crime scenes and their documentation.

The crime scenes included: 
1) the upper apartment of the cottage, where Meredith was found dead in the bedroom she was renting
2) the lower apartment of the cottage
3) Raffaele Sollecito's apartment
4) Rudy Guede's apartment
5) the villa where family members found the cellphones being used by Meredith
6) Raffaele Sollecito's car

Most of the files provided here are images, but there are also detailed descriptions and crime scene videos. Naturally much of the content featuring the upper apartment in the cottage is GRAPHIC, especially photos of Meredith Kercher's room.

A few notes about the crime scene videos:
a) The crime scene videos are compilations of filmettes taken by the police during their surveys. For this reason, the time stamp often jumps as the videographer stopped and started the video. The videos are found on discs that the police prepared for the prosecutor (and eventual trials). Therefore the videos are an edited source and likely don't contain all the video that was taken by the police.
b) The November 2-3, 2007 crime scene video of the cottage contains GRAPHIC sequences of Meredith Kercher's room. The cadaver has been censored and where the censoring occupies the full screen, we have provided various time stamps and notes to describe what is happening in the censored parts of the video. This video contains sound.
c) The November 13 and 16, 2007 videos at Sollecito's apartment were taken by two different police squads. The November 13th video was taken by the Rome Scientific Police squad and features Dr. Stefanoni taking samples for DNA analysis. The November 16th video may have been taken by either Perugia Scientific Police or the Perugia Flying Squad and features the police looking for more objects to sequester or analyze.
d) The December 18th, 2007 videos were purposely released by Rome Scientific police without sound, due to controversy arising from the sound in the November 2nd and 3rd video. Unfortunately it doesn't contain any video of the luminol sampling done at the cottage.
e) There are a number of videos that we were not able to locate, including videos of Sollecito's car, Guede's apartment, the vigil memorial held for Meredith in Perugia and a few others.

The Spheron captures zip file contains roughly 250 screen captures made from images provided by the "Spheron" camera program, which provides a 360 panoramic views of different rooms of the cottage. Only screen captures of the rooms in the upper cottage were made. 


The upper apartment and the exterior of the cottage. The first group of files has plans of the upper apartment. The next group of files relates to the initial police survey of the cottage done between Novmber 2nd and 5th, 2007. The third group of files relates to the second police survey done on December 18, 2007. The fourth group of files contain additional images and video of a subsequent court visit in April 2009, as well as and police compilations of previously taken photos. The last group of files groups images by room in the upper apartment. Meredith Kercher's room contains extensive blood stains and is highly GRAPHIC.

The "2007-11-02-03-survey-selection" zip file contains crime scene photos that someone supporting Knox's innocence made available during the early trial phase of the case. This set has files numbered up to "286", but in reality there are only 231 photos. Whoever made these photos publicly available deserves credit for culling the photos showing the cadaver. These photos came from a compact disc that Dr. Lalli, the coroner, submitted to the prosecutor as part of the prosecutor's file of case documents. This disc contains a partial set of photos of the cottage crime scene, as well as autopsy photos and photos of the defendants taken during their body exams.

The "2007-11-02-03-survey-complete" zip file contains all the images in the "" file and attempts to "fill in" the missing photos with the other crime scene photos from Lalli's disc (photos that show the cadaver, which has been censored). It also includes images extracted from various reports, photobooks and presentations to try and provide a complete set of all the photos taken during the first police surveys of November 2nd to November 5th. This zip files does NOT contain ALL the photos available of the different crime scenes. Naturally this zip file has images even more GRAPHIC than the "" file.

The lower apartment of the cottage where four male students stayed and who were all away in another town the day and evening of the murder. The video contains both the upper and lower apartment.

Crime scene analysis reports, presentations and zip files containing images. The UACV report is an often overlooked but key report that describes various interesting elements about the crime scene. Many of the points suggest the murder was committed by multiple persons.

Guede's apartment

Descriptions and images of Guede's apartment, which is about three to five minutes of walking distance from Sollecito's apartment and six to ten minutes from the cottage.

Sollecito's apartment

Descriptions and videos of Sollecito's apartment, which is about three to five minutes of walking distance from the cottage.

Villa on via Sperandio

Documents and zip files containing descriptions and images of the villa where the cellphones were discovered. The villa is less than a kilometer from the cottage.


Slides showing the context of the cottage and its surroundings in Perugia

Zip files containing images of the cottage and the parking garage across the street from the cottage.

Zip files containing images of streets and a piazza near to the cottage

Zip files containing images of the other streets and piazzas in the town of Perugia

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