Maresca, Perna and the Kercher family's civil team

These are all the documents related to Francesco Maresca, Serena Perna and the consultants they hired to make the case for the civil parties, the Kercher family.

 Significant testimony and documents (appeals, closing arguments, rebuttals, trial motions)

Listed chronologically. In fact all the testimony transcripts feature discussions and cross-examinations made by either Maresca or Perna. All the court testimony can be found here.

Consultant testimony, reports and presentations

Listed chronologically. Dr. Norelli was a biologist and his report confirms Meredith was very likely attacked by multiple people, given the diversity of wounds she sustained. Dr. Torricelli was an expert on DNA lab standards and procedures. Her report is well worth reading.


Various notices by the lawyers or by the others to the lawyers. The notices are listed chronologically.

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