Nencini-Cicerchia court

These are all the files pertinent to the second appeals court of Knox and Sollecito's murder trial. After the Italian Supreme Court annulled the first appeals court sentence and ordered a new (second) appeals trial, the case was assigned to this court in Florence. This second appeal was handled by judges Alessandro Nencini and Luciana Cicerchia, both having criminal case experience.

This court ordered an additional DNA test on the knife (done by a specialty lab of the Carabinieri in Rome, different from the Scientific Police) and heard only a handful of witnesses. However the motivation report shows the judges considered all the evidence reviewed by Massei & Cristiani. In the end, the court confirmed the murder sentence for Knox and Sollecito. It also considered the confirmed calumny charge against Knox and adjusted her sentence.

The trial was not without controversy. Aviello, one of the witnesses during the first appeals trial, recanted all his previous testimony regarding Guede. Knox failed to the attend the trial and wrote an email to the judges. Judge Nencini also made informal comments to the media the day after the sentence and was ultimately reprimanded by the CSM, the council of Italian magistrates.

Perhaps one of the most interesting documents of this trial are the closing arguments of November 25th made by Proscutor Crini. Proescutor Crini makes extensive commentary on the unique nature of this proceeding (following a complete "demolition" by the Italian  Supreme Court of the first appeal sentence) and also makes very interesting distinctions between judges with civil case experience and judges with criminal case experience. The arguments are well worth reading.


September-October 2013- preliminaries

November 6th, 2013- Carabinieri DNA specialists present there DNA test findings on the kitchen knife

November 2013- January 2014- closing arguments

Files issued by the Nencini-Cicerchia court

Ordinances and sentences



These are reports created prior to and during the appeals trial. The Berti-Barni report (the Carabinieri DNA Specialists) includes interesting analyses of mixed DNA results.

Various files

Various files for the Nencini-Cicerchia appeals trial, including appeals, defense motions, notices and other documents directly related to the trial. 

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