November 3, 2007- Saturday

Files from activities and events on November 3, 2007. The crime scene photos and videos, and the crime scene surveys, are repeated here since that activity spanned November 2nd and November 3rd.

Crime scene videos and photos

The mp4 is a video compiled by police of crime scene video of the cottage. See this page for information on the crime scene videos generally (link forthcoming). We have censored the video graphically whenever it shows the cadaver. The zip files contain collections of crime scene photos, as well as screen captures from the Spheron images created during the crime scene survey. See this page for more information on the zip files (link forthcoming). The PDFs are photobooks that were created by the police to document the crime scene. Some of the notations of the photos are interesting.

Police crime scene surveys

These PDFs were created by the Rome Scientific police to document the crime scene and the investigative activity during the survey. It provides very detailed descriptions of the state of things at the crime scene.

Police notices

These notices and transmittals document police activities on November 3rd. Much of the activity was focused on depositions and phone logs, while the Scientific police focused on the crime scene survey.

Prosecutor notices

These notices document prosecutor activities on November 3rd.

Judge notices

This notices documents the judge approving a request to bug a waiting room at police headquarters.


These are the witness statements taken by police.

Intercepted calls and recordings

The audio file captures recordings of conversation in a waiting room at the Questura (police headquarters). The PDF contains a detailed transcript of the roughly 9 hour recording. The other two PDFs are transcripts of intercepted calls on Knox's cellphone. See this page for more information on the intercepts (link forthcoming). 

Phone logs

Phone logs documenting phone activity by various persons from October 2007 until this day.

Miscellaneous files

Additional webpage articles to provide a general sense of Italian press coverage at that time. Also an email from Knox to a friend in the US.

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