November 4, 2007- Sunday

Files from activities and events on November 4, 2007. 

Police notices

These notices document police activities on November 4th.

Prosecutor notices

These notices document prosecutor activities on November 4th.


These are the witness statements taken by police and Carabinieri.

Intercepted calls and recordings

The audio files capture recordings of conversations in a waiting room at the Questura (police headquarters). The correspnding PDFs contain a detailed transcript of the recordings. The other PDFs are transcripts of intercepted calls on Knox's and Sollecito's cellphones. See this page for more information on the intercepts (link forthcoming). 

Phone logs

A listing of text messages translated into Italian by the police. The messages were present on the cellphones being used by Kercher and Knox.

Miscellaneous files

Press articles about the murder case and some writings by Knox- two school exercises and an email to her friends in the US recounting how she discovered the murder.

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November 5, 2007