Motivation reports and court rulings

These are all the motivation reports and court sentences listed chronologically. In Italy, courts are required to provide reasons behind their rulings. These reasonings are called motivation reports. They are key legal documents as they often contain detailed analysis of the evidence. Also included are some decrees, ordinances and sentences. Not all the court rulings or documents are on this page. To see a complete set of court documents, refer to the pages dedicated to each court session here.

Cautionary arrest proceedings

Cautionary arrest trial court motivation reports.

Cautionary arrest appeal court reports and sentences. These are key documents as they extensively review the evidence known up to that point (prior to police investigations concluding in June 2008).

Italian Supreme Court rulings on the cautionary arrests.

Additional rulings by the cautionary arrest trial judge.

Micheli court

The Micheli trial functioned as Guede's murder trial and Knox and Sollecito's preliminary murder trial. The reason for this combination is because Guede's defense team asked for a fast track trial, which judge Micheli granted during this proceeding. Guede proceeded directly to a murder trial (presided by Judge Micheli) without having a preliminary trial. Knox and Sollecito did not ask for a fast track trial and therefore were juridically 'detached' from Guede's court proceedings. So Judge Micheli used this trial to have two roles: as the sentencing judge for Guede, and as an evidence evaluation judge for Knox and Sollecito. His motivation report is a key document as it extensively reviews the evidence and his report is the first to look at all the evidence after the completion of the police investigations. The "Catnip" translation is an accurate English translation from the Italian. The documents include decrees, motivation reports and sentences issued during this trial.

Guede's proceedings

Guede's appeal court reports and sentences. The motivation report is well worth reading since the court rejects some defense motions, in particular that Guede acted separately from Knox and Sollecito.

Italian Supreme Court ruling and sentence which confirmed Guede's murder conviction by the appeals court.

Knox and Sollecito proceedings

Motivation reports and ordinances from Knox and Sollecito's murder trial

Motivation reports and ordinances from Knox and Sollecito's first appeal trial

Motivation report and sentence from the Italian Supreme Court which annulled the appeal court with a scathing report highlighting multiple contradictions, illogical reasonings and failure to adequately consider the sentence. The Italian Supreme Court ordered a new appeal trial.

Motivation report and ordinances from Knox and Sollecito's second appeal trial.

Motivation report and sentence from the Italian Supreme Court which annulled the murder conviction and did not rimand for a third appeal trial. According to these judges, the evidence was contradictory. The motivation report only considers parts of the evidence, does not consider all of the second appeal trials analysis and in any case places Knox and Sollecito at the cottage during the murder. It's worth noting the judges who ruled on the case had primarily civil case experience, not murder case experience.

Various motivation reports related to the case

These reports are cited by Hellmann or Mignini in their reasonings or arguments.

These reports are rulings peripheral to the case.

These reports are rulings for various claims of abuse of office.

These are sentences of judicial misconduct for an American judge who made personal appeals on behalf of Knox (without knowing all the case evidence) using court letterhead.

These reports are rulings on various defamation and calumny claims against publishers, the defandants and the police and proescutor.

These reports are rulings on Guede's conviction for possessing stolen goods, and an additional ruling on maintaining his prison arrangement.

This report confirms damages against Pascali and Vecchiotti for professional misconduct.

These reports are rulings on Sollecito's attempts to sue for damages.

These reports are the ruling by the European Court of Human Rights on Knox's trials.

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