Carlo Pacelli and Lumumba's defense team

These are all the documents related to Carlo Pacelli, Giuseppe Sereni and the consultants they hired to make the case for Patrick Lumumba. Lumumba's involvement might seem minor, but it is an interesting aspect of the case. Lumumba's early involvement in the arrest was contingent on Knox placing Lumumba at the scene of murder. She did this multiple times, in two witness statements (the second being completely voluntary and on her request) and also in follow-up memos to the police. But Knox worked for Lumumba part-time and therefore could not have confused him with Rudy Guede, whom she also knew. So why did she place Lumumba at the scene of the murder?

Ultimately Knox was found guilty of calumny against Lumumba because of her false statements. The Italian Supreme Court, in its annulment of the first appeals trial, tasked the second appeals court in Firenze to consider the confirmed calumny sentence. The Firenze appeals court did this and re-evaluated the prison time it sentenced Knox.

 Significant testimony and documents (appeals, closing arguments, trial motions)

Listed chronologically. The docments below are the most significant, but there are other testimony transcripts featuring discussions and cross-examinations made by either Pacelli or Sereni. The June 12, 2009, testimony by Knox is included because it contains an extensive cross-examination by Pacelli. All the court testimony can be found here.


Various notices by the lawyers or by the others to the lawyers. The notices are listed chronologically.

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