Files created before the murder

This page lists files generated before the murder on November 1, 2007. Most of these are manuals of DNA machines and kits, as well as articles dealing with forensics. There are also a few miscellaneous items, which are listed first.


Various files relevant to the cottage apartments, the weather, Halloween parties and writings by the defendents before the night of the murder.

Files related to previous police investigations

Files related to police investigations before the murder that became relevant or were considered by police during investigations.

Files related to previous legal articles and judicial rulings

Legal articles and motivation reports referenced by prosecutors or cited in motivation reports issued during court trials.

Files related to previous general articles

A old news article cited in a Sollecito defense appeals document.

Files related to previous forensic studies

Articles, studies and lectures providing a general sense of knowledge, problems and possibilities forensic science known prior to the occurrence of the murder. 

Files related to manuals of DNA equipment and kits

Manuals of DNA equipment and kits being used by the Rome Scientific police DNA lab at the time DNA analysis was carried out in 2007 and 2008.

"Undated" image files

Various zip files containing collections of images related to the cottage, the crime scene, evidence items, the victim and suspects and Perugia. The images come from multiple sources, including crime scene photos, CCTV screen captures, Spheron screen captures, images used in various reports and presentations, Google map aerials, media articles and other sources.
Please note that some zips contain very graphic content (extensive blood stains in particular.) We have censored all images depicting the cadaver, out of respect for the Kercher family.

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November 1, 2007