November 1, 2007- Thursday

Files from activities or events on November 1, 2007. November 1st is a religious holiday in Italy, otherwise known as All Saints Day.

CCTV videos and photos

Videos and zip files containing image captures of various events occurring at the public parking garage across the street from the cottage where Meredith Kercher was killed. Camera 7 captures a little bit of the entrance gate of the drive path that leads up to the cottage entrance.

Files related to police investigations

Two phone logs of Knox's and Sollecito's cellphone showing phone activity from beginning of October and ending on November 1, 2007. Also the Postal Police notice investigating the prank phone call at the villa of Elisabetta Lana and her children Alessandro and Fiammetta. Elisabetta and Alessandro found Meredith's cellphones in the garden of their villa.

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