November 2, 2007- Friday

Files from activities and events on November 2, 2007. Meredith was discovered dead in her bedroom at the cottage she was renting at around 13:00-13:15. As a Friday, November 2nd would have been a 'bridge holiday' given that November 1 is a religious holiday. In Italy, November 2nd is also a religious holiday- All Souls Day- and is commonly known as "Tutti Morti" ("day of all the dead"). In Perugia, there is a traditional Fiera dei Morti ("fair of the dead") that typically spans the first week of November. Romanelli, who shared the apartment with Meredith, was attending this fair with her friend Paola Grande when Knox called her about the apparent break-in.

There are many files from this day as police started the crime scene investigations.

CCTV videos

Videos of various events occurring at the public parking garage across the street from the cottage where Meredith Kercher was killed. Camera 7 captures a little bit of the entrance gate of the drive path that leads up to the cottage entrance.

Crime scene videos and photos

The mp4 is a video compiled by police of crime scene video of the cottage. See this page for information on the crime scene videos generally (link forthcoming). We have censored the video graphically whenever it shows the cadaver. The zip files contain collections of crime scene photos, as well as screen captures from the Spheron images created during the crime scene survey. See this page for more information on the zip files (link forthcoming). The PDFs are photobooks that were created by the police to document the crime scene. Some of the notations of the photos are interesting.

Police crime scene surveys

These PDFs were created by the Rome Scientific police to document the crime scene and the investigative activity during the survey. It provides very detailed descriptions of the state of things at the crime scene.

Police notices

These notices document some of the initial police activities as they began their investigations of the murder. 

Prosecutor notices

These notices document some of the initial prosecutor activities as he began coordinating the investigations of the murder. 


These are the witness statements taken by police. Note the quantity of depositions taken on this day, though the murder was discovered in the early afternoon.

Intercepted phone calls

The first two audio files capture Sollecito's calls to the emergency services hotline ("112"), which activates the local Carabinieri, Police and Fire departments as required. The other recorded calls are the follow-up calls to get a Carabinieri patrol to the cottage and advisory that a murdered girl has been discovered. The bitmap files show a listing of the phone calls made in that time frame to the 112 hotline.

Phone logs

Phone logs documenting phone activity by various persons on the day of the murder and prior.

Miscellaneous files

The first file is a webpage capturing one of the first articles about the murder in Italian press. The next group are informational charts obtained by the police. The next file is a hospital report for one of the witnesses questioned by police (the witness had a knife wound). Also some quick notes by Knox while at the police station.

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