Ghirga, Vedova and Knox's defense team

These are all the documents related to Luciano Ghirga, Carlo Dalla Vedova and the consultants they hired to make the case for Amanda Knox. Note that Ghirga is based in Perugia and he joined with Dalla Vedova, who is based in Rome, to defend Knox. Dalla Vedova was likely recommended by the US Embassy to Knox's family.

 Significant testimony and documents (appeals, closing arguments, rebuttals, trial motions)

Listed chronologically. In fact all the testimony transcripts feature discussions and cross-examinations made by either Ghirga or Vedova. All the court testimony can be found here.

Consultant testimony, reports and presentations

Listed chronologically. Dr. Carlo Torre was a well-known professor of medical forensics who taught medical forensics and pathology for decades and who also worked a few high-profile criminal cases. He died in 2015. Dr. Walter Patumi is also a medical examiner. Dr. Sarah Gino is a forensic geneticist who worked with Dr. Torre.


Various notices by the lawyers or by others to the lawyers. The notices are listed chronologically.

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