Matteini court

These are all the files pertinent to the preliminary investigations judge Claudia Matteini. Her court presided over the cautionary arrest and investigative phase of the case. She held a number of evidentiary hearings, of which the medical consultant hearing of April 19, 2008 is key testimony.


November 8, 2007- cautionary arrests for Knox, Lumumba and Sollecito.

November 26, 2007- evidentiary hearing to hire medical consultants.

December 7, 2007- cautionary arrest hearing.

January 21, 2008- evidentiary hearing on computer data analysis.

April 5, 2008- evidentiary hearing on computer data analysis.

April 19, 2008- evidentiary hearing on wounds and manner of death.

Files issued by judge Matteini

Notices and transmittals

Motivation reports

Files issued by others

Some files issued by others during the time frame of judge Matteini's trial and hearings. The list only includes files addressed to judge Matteini or pertinent to her proceedings, given that the police investigation was still ongoing There is likely other documentation that was addressed to judge Matteini, whether directly or indirectly (as example, in copy when a document was sent to multiple parties.) These are just selections of documents relavent to matters she was directly coordinating.

Consultant notices

Lawyer notices

Prosecutor notices

Reports. These are reports created during the cautionary trial period. Judge Matteini likely consulted these for her motivation reports.

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