November 7, 2007- Wednesday

Files from activities and events on November 7, 2007. 

Police crime scene survey

This is the Scientific Police survey which details all the items sampled or bagged for evidence, all the biological samples taken and all the fingerprints documented, at the cottage, during their visit from November 2nd to November 5th (note that the activity lasted a few days, and not just one day). It is one of the key documents of this case.

Police notices

These notices and transmittals document police activities on November 7th. The documents are grouped by who issued them. With the arrests made, the police focus some of their activity on sequesters and evidence acquisition to verify if the three arrested suspects were involved in the crime. A reminder note that the police documents provided here were found in the "Prosecutor's file" of the case. Hence the presence of transmittals which document what the police sent to the prosecutor.

Prosecutor notices

These notices and transmittals document prosecutor activities on November 7th. The documents are grouped by who issued them. The two notices of "prosecutor nominating lawyer" are really more confirmations of the lawyers being selected by the defendants families. Both handwritten notices seem to indicate (the handwriting is not perfectly clear) that the lawyers had presented themselves to the prosecutor's office, with police captain Monica Napoleoni present.


The preliminary autopsy report lists the various wounds on the cadaver (two major knife wounds in the neck, other minor knife wounds on the neck and mandible area, very minor knife wounds on fingers on both hands and a significant number of bruises on the neck, face, arms, back and legs), speculates on the time of death at around 11:30 and makes some conclusions about the type of knife used to make the large knife wound in the neck, and that there was probable sexual abuse given the bruising in the genital area. 
The preliminary fingerprint report shows the unusual circumstance that despite living at the cottage, Knox's only fingerprints were on a glass in the kitchen. 
The shoeprint report (in various formats) notes a probable match of the bloody shoeprints at the cottage with Sollecito's sneakers. The zip file contains the images of the color photos in the report.

Judges notices

This notice documents judicial activity on November 7th.


Depositions taken by both the police and the prosecutor on November 7th. The central group is related to a deposition given by one of Meredith's friends to the police in the UK, who then sent it on to the police in Perugia.

Lawyer notices

Notices issued by lawyers. Maresca is hired by the Kercher family, Ghirga is hired by Knox's mother and the lawyer hired by the Sollecito family (see above) asks to meet Sollecito in prison.

Miscellaneous files

Press articles about the murder case, images of Lumumba's cellphone with Knox's reply of "see you later", and writings by Knox- her MySpace blog and a second memo written for the police in which she tries again to remember what happened on the night of November 1st.

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