Fingerprint evidence

These are all the files related to the fingerprints found at the crime scene. 

The Scientific Police took care to fingerprint both the upper and lower apartments in the cottage, but the reports provided only reflect analysis done in the upper apartment where the women lived, and Guede's apartment. The police went to the cottage multiple times to sequester additional items that were fingerprinted.

Some notes about the fingerprint evidence:
1) Only one usable fingerprint of Knox was found at the cottage, even though she lived there. The print was on a recently used glass in the kitchen.
2) Meredith's fingerprint is on a door of Knox's wardrobe, suggesting she had recently looked there.
3) Sollecito's fingerprints are on the inside of the door to Mezzetti's room, suggesting he had recently been in her room.
4) There were footprints on Knox's radiator, suggesting someone had warmed their feet on the radiator.

Documents by the Scientific Police

Crime scene surveys related to gathering items for fingerprinting, or performing onsite fingerprint analysis.

Reports and a chart. The zip files contain images found in the associated report. The final fingerprint report of January 31, 2008, should really be consulted with the other fingerprint reports in November 2007.

Notices by the Scientific Police, police and prosecutor.

Files by others

A defense consultant report that considers the fingerprint evidence in one of its sections.

Court testimony

The testimony here is of the Scientific Police teams that analyzed the fingerprints.

Other files

Image files and a zip file containing images pertinent to the fingerprints.

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