March 2008

Files from activities and events during March 2008.

Police crime scene photos

Photobooks of items sequestered by the police.

Police crime scene surveys

An additional crime scene survey of the cottage carried out by the police.


Police and defense consultant reports.

Scientific police notices

These notices document Scientific Police activity during this month.

Postal police notices

These notices document Postal Police activity during this month.

Prison notices

These notices document prison administrative activity during this month.

Police notices and transmittals

These notices and transmittals document police activity during this month.

Police intercepts

These intercepts document police activity on phone and prison intercepts during this month.

Prosecutor notices

These notices document prosecutor activities during this month.

Judges notices

These notices document judge activities during this month.


These are witness statements and interrogations taken by the police and the prosecutor during this month.

Prison and phone intercepts

Intercepts from phone calls and prison meetings carried out or completed during this month.


Various cellphone and computer logs obtained by the police during this month.

Consultant notices

A notice from Matteini's medical consultants asking to delay releasing their report.


Guede's defense team issuing an additional appeal of Guede's cautionary arrest to the Italian Supreme Court.

Lawyer notices

These notices document lawyer activity during this month.


Correspodence during this month.


Writings made or released by the defendants during this month.


Various miscellaneous files issued or made during this month. An additional Powerpoint presentation about the case.

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