November 15, 2007- Thursday

Files from activities and events on November 15, 2007. 

Police notices

These notices and transmittals document police activities on November 15th. The documents are grouped by who issued them. The Postal Police documents the copying of the hard drive from Sollecito's Mackbook Pro laptop. The Scientific Police notice documents the results of the DNA analysis of various items including the kitchen knife.

Prosecutor notices

These notices document prosecutor activities on November 15th. The prosecutor also responds to lawyer requests for information or for additional evidentiary hearings. In this case the prosecutor is rejecting lawyer requests because investigative activities are still ongoing.


The fingerprint report is significant for various reasons: 1) the report provides a list (at the end of the document) of all who were fingerprinted and handprinted. 2) there were many prints of Kercher, Romanelli and Mezzetti at the cottage, but only one of Knox; 3) a bloody handprint (print "B") was found on the pillow under the cadaver, but the handprint was unmatched to all who had been fingerprinted; this strongly suggested the presence of another person yet to be identified by the police (the handprint would turn out to be Guede's handprint); 4) there were footprints on the radiator in Knox's room that were not identified (footprints had not been obtained at this point.) 5) there were a dozen other prints that were identifiable but had not been matched with anyone fingerprinted so far; 5) about half of the more than 100 prints observed could not be used for analysis, for various reasons. The report also has a 'photographic attachment' document which was released later. That document includes photographs of all the prints taken, and can be found here.

Judges notices

The Riesame court, which was scheduled to hear the appeals for the cautionary arrests, asks for case documents from the prosecutor.


These are witness statements taken by the police on November 15th. Mezzetti and Romanelli both confirm never having seen the kitchen knife found at Sollecito's apartment.

Computer logs

These files list the computer device specifications from which the Postal Police copied contents. These were all devices found at Sollecito's apartment.

Lawyer notices

These notices document various requests by Sollecito's lawyers.

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