November 16, 2007- Friday

Files from activities and events on November 16, 2007. Rome Scientific police identify Guede via fingerprint "B" (see fingerprint report of November 15th) as the other person in the room at the time of the murder. Police and prosecutor activity expand to search for Guede.

Crime scene video

Crime scene video of Sollecito's apartment taken on November 16th. Perugia Scientific police made an additional visit to sequester more items.

Police notices

These notices and transmittals document police activities on November 16th. The documents are grouped by who issued them.

Prosecutor notices

These notices document prosecutor activities on November 16th.


The Scientific Police fingerprint reports that identify Guede's bloody handprint on the pillow. This is the evidence item that triggers the search for Guede.

Motivation report

Judge Matteini's motivation report ordering the cautonary arrest of Guede. The report is the same as the one issued on November 9th, with a few additional pages added at the end of the document citing the evidence of Guede's bloody handprint on the pillow found under the cadaver.

Judges notices

Judicial notices from the Riesame court asking for case documents with respect to Lumumba's and Sollecito's appeals to their cautionary arrests.


These are witness statements taken by the police on November 16th.

Intercepted phone calls

Various summaries and transcripts of intercepted phone calls. The Guede files contain little information because no calls occurred on those devices. The "flagged by police" document is a spreadsheet from the CSV file of the intercept on Sollecito's phone.

Phone logs

The logs list phone activity on Guede's phone and on Sollecito's family's phone in Giovinazzo.


Pacelli's appeal to end Lumumba's cautionary arrest. The appeal contains some interesting objections to Matteini's motivation report. Given the time required to prepare the appeal, it does not contain anything regarding the identification of Guede (which would have been "breaking news" for Pacelli and his team at this point.)

Lawyer notices

A couple of lawyer notices issued on November 16th.

Miscellaneous files

Correspondence from the renter of the lower apartment cancelling their rental contract since the cottage is a crime scene and they cannot access the cottage.

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