Witnesses observing Knox and Sollecito after the murder

These are all the files related to witnesses who observed strange behaviors by Knox and Sollecito after the murder, either at police headquarters or in the following days prior to their arrest. Much of the depositions and testimony also concerns the discovery of the murder. All the witnesses, testimony and writings about the murder discovery can be found on this page.

Romanelli and Mezzetti

Filomena Romanelli and Laura Mezzetti were roommates of Meredith Kercher and Amanda Knox. Romanelli observed strange behaviors by Knox at the police headquarters following the murder discovery.

Grande, Altieri and Zaroli

All three witnesses observed strange behaviors, comments and questions by Knox and Sollecito after the murder discovery and ad police headquarters.

Meredith Kercher's "English friends"

These witnesses heard odd statements by Knox, including that Meredith had been stabbed and had likely taken a long time to die, that Knox had seen Meredith by the wardrobe (when she was not in a position to see the murder scene at the time of discovery) and other details that she could not have known (based on the testimony of the witnesses of the murder discovery.) They also noted odd behaviors by Knox and Sollecito, such as constantly kissing or embracing, exchanging notes and making games, while others were in a state of shock.

Police and others

Depositions and notices by the police translators and others regarding odd behavior by Knox and Sollecito after the murder discovery, in particular at police headquarters.

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