November 12, 2007- Monday

Files from activities and events on November 12, 2007. 

Police notices

These notices and transmittals document police on November 12th. The analysis of DNA samples and exhibits started on this day, beginning with logging and photographing some of the evidence obtained. The Rome Scientific police noted that the defense teams were present, including Maori (Sollecito's lawyer), an associate of Maori, Dr. Potenza- a consultant hired by Maori, a lawyer substituting for Dalla Vedova, Pacelli and a consultant hired by him, Pascali. All were there to observe the start of the DNA analysis.

Prosecutor notices

These notices document prosecutor activities on November 12th.


These are witness statements taken by the police on November 12th.

Evidence items- the kitchen knife

Photos of various knives sequestered, including the "infamous" kitchen knife with Meredith's DNA on the blade and Knox's DNA near where the blade meets the handle. The zip file contains original photos taken by the Scientific Police. More photos of the knives can be found here. The "measurements" PDF is important because it shows that the kitchen knife could NOT have been used to make the smaller knife wound on the right side of Meredith's neck. That knife wound is 1.5 cm wide by 4 cm deep (see page 28 of the preliminary autopsy report here. Hence the Scientific Police took measurements on the large knife to show that two different knives were likely involved in the attack, a large one like the kitchen knife, and a small one like a pocket-knife or small switchblade.

Intercepted phone calls

This spreadsheet is from a CSV file of the intercept program that recorded intercepts on the cellphone of a Belgian student, Pieter DeClercq, who knew Meredith, Knox and Lumumba. The police selected some of the conversations as important to the case.

Lawyer notices

Notices of various requests from Maori- Sollecito's lawyer in Perugia.

Miscellaneous files

Correspondence with the Democratic Republic of Congo consulate for staff to visit Lumumba.

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